The Golden Rules for Booking Live Entertainment For Your Event

Booking Live EntertainmentTips & Tricks For Your Entertainment BuyerHaving worked as a professional magician and mind reader for the last sixteen years, I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of venues all around the world. From Boston, where I am established, to Singapore, where I work for a few weeks once each year, and many towns and nations in between. A similarity that crosses all borders is the constant lack of knowledge the client has when booking live entertainment. This is true for that of a variety kind. Now this may be forgiven (to a degree ), since most people haven’t booked live entertainment before and know absolutely nothing about how the method works. These folks can be forgiven and kindly educated by the celebrity on the way the smooth the procedure can and should be. Nevertheless, when you as the entertainer are working through a experienced booker (e.g someone who works for a company that plans all large and small functions), then there is actually no excuse for inferior booking processes.After speaking with several celebrity friends from every area of entertainment, we’ve produced a list of guidelines any upcoming client should be at least familiar with before hiring professional entertainment.So you would like to employ some entertainment for your party, event, anniversary, graduation, etc.. Whatever the situation may be, you need to spice this up with something live and fun! First thing that you need to know is that actors of all types whether magicians, fire eaters or live bands, need time to prepare their displays. The majority of us specially design our performances around your event, and this does take time and will go in the price of the performance. You will want to provide at least 3-4 weeks notice to a celebrity before booking. This is my proposed time frame for me, other actors require much earlier notice, and a few can take an occasion with just a few days notice. It is dependent upon our schedules, present bookings and versatility and of course, the celebrity himself (or herself). Our programs are extremely odd, and totally unconventional – we could have gigs at all hours of the day, night, and sometimes even to the very early mornings. Please Note: Should you telephone a performer a day or two, or three, or even four prior to your event, they will probably charge a bit more for the short notice. It requires time to make your event special, whether by producing custom routines as I do, setting up a music set list, or obtaining required licenses or permits for more harmful acts such as fire eating and sideshow stunts.What Are You Looking ForHiring entertainment for the event really can enhance your visitors’ experience. You would like to determine what kind of entertainment best matches your particular event. For instance: If you are getting married in a golf resort. With 200 guests along with a traditional setup (cocktail hour, plated dinner, speeches, dance, etc.), then you may wish to ascertain where and when entertainment is logical. If you are interested in magic or mind reading, which is very popular at weddings, then you would be best to put it in the cocktail reception to get what is known as”drifting” or even”walk-around.” This is where the celebrity wanders by your cocktail hour doing small, up close results and patterns to get small groups of guests. This offers a personal experience you sometimes lose with a complete length series. Additionally, it breaks up the occasional repetitiveness of these parts of the occasion. Magic, mind reading or a small light music can really make a difference. Have an notion of what you want, lay out your occasion, and see where it gets the best sense. Perhaps a full length comedy mind reading show after a three day business retreat? Or maybe you’re celebrating your child’s birthday and want some amusement to keep all of the little guests entertained? A children’s magic and balloon show is a perfect fit here. For more info click here

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