Super Bowl 40: Decided in the Trenches

Sunday’s Super Bowl is probably going to be won by the group with the most hurrying yardage. Winning the clash of the line of scrimmage is as fundamental it gets, but at the same time it’s a dependable technique for triumph. Last season the Patriots won the hurrying fight 112-45 in their 24-21 success over the Eagles. The year prior to, the Pats outrushed Carolina 127-92 on their way to the title. Indeed, even in their staggering surprise of the Rams five years prior, the Patriots won the surging fight against Marshall Faulk and their solid St. Louis hostile line, 133-90. 

This Super Bowl is so intriguing on the grounds that the two groups love to run the football behind mammoth hostile lines and wounding running backs like Jerome Bettis and hurrying champ Shaun Alexander. The two mentors, as well, Mike Holmgren and Bill Cowher, have a penchant to run the football and remove the rival’s running match-up. Both hostile lines are strong. Visit :- เล่นพนันบอลดีไหม

Seattle was third in the NFL averaging 153 yards surging per game, while Pittsburgh was fifth averaging 139 yards for every game. In the extremely significant yards per convey, Seattle found the middle value of 4.7 yards (second) while the Steelers arrived at the midpoint of 4 yards for each pop (twelfth). 

One part of the game that could be key is that Seattle has confronted just one great group throughout the season (Dallas) that ran a 3-4 guard. Pittsburgh does as well. In that game against the Cowboys, Shaun Alexander had his most disastrous performance of the period with 61 yards surging on 21 conveys. Seattle required a late supernatural occurrence in the last moment, and an opportune Drew Bledsoe turnover, to dominate that game 13-10. You can wager the Seahawks have watched game film of that one again to attempt to sort out what they fouled up and what changes they need to make. Pittsburgh’s run-stuffers and snappy, forceful linebackers are comparable to any in the alliance, and better than the Cowboys! 

The Cowboys constantly controlled the line of scrimmage by putting upwards of nine safeguards inside 4 yards of the ball, even on passing downs. The Seattle offense, averaging 407 yards coming in to that game, gotten done with 289. Furthermore, QB Matt Hasselbeck was 23-of-42 for 224 yards, with one TD and two captures. He’ll probably need to set up preferable numbers over that Sunday if Seattle will win a title. Notice that Dallas RB Marion Barber ran for 95 yards on 22 conveys in Julius Jones’ place. The Steelers couldn’t want anything more than to rehash that sort of creation with Jerome Bettis or Willie Anderson. 

One last idea is the hazardous war or words that has been going on. Seattle TE Jerramy Stevens went after Bettis, after which Pittsburgh LB Joey Porter answered, “I figure we can go out there and beat them.” Porter additionally added, “I have my first taste of blood, and now I’m hungry for additional.” Does anybody smell FIREWORKS? Said Seahawks mentor Mike Holmgren when gotten some information about the way of talking between the two players, “You will not hear Jerramy say any really regarding it the remainder of the week.” Which implies he advised Stevens to keep his gab shut! Appreciate the game, and recollect that the canine has covered 4 straight Super Bowls, with three of the last four chose by a field objective.

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