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Web Design

Web Site Planning
Your site plan should incorporate your business goals, acting as a guide for future expansion. C3 Designs will learn your organization and develop a online strategy that responds to your needs as well as will go over your business goals and service needs to develop an affordable, high quality site that works.

Lean Functional Design
We keep our web sites user-friendly, focusing on delivering the product and service to the customer. Bells & whistles are visually stimulating, but not so much if they forever to load, making pages difficult to read, crash your visitor's computer or anything else that otherwise frustrate your potential customer.

Established Business but no website?
If you have existing marketing material (i.e. brochure, flyer, ad) we can use it towards building a starter site based on this information. While your web site may reflect your starter info used, it'll be designed for the very different medium that is the web. This includes taking into account what your visitors are looking for as well as what motivates them to take action. We create an informative and a positive interactive experience that helps keep your visitors coming back. Furthermore, your site will be fully scaleable so there is no need to re-design your site for future expansions. We can simply add new sections to the existing structure as your business expands.

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Our Web Services Include (but not limited to):
Web Site Design
Web Site Redesign
Initial Web Site Concept and Planning
Web Database
Development Web Site Integration with your organization/business functions
Flash and web animation
Search Engine Optimization and Submission
Web Hosting (via 1and1)

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