Indian Pop Songs – An Integral Part Of The Indian Entertainment

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Though the Indian pop songs industry has become a part and parcel of our own lives today, the reality is that its development and growth is a exceptional phenomenon. The American pop music market has prospered since Hollywood films don’t have song and dance sequences in their own movies.The soundtracks are often incorporated in the movies as part of the background score. This allows a whole lot of freedom for its pop artists to think of independent songs released individually.Advent Of Indian Pop Industry From The 90sIndian singers and composers did not have this option considering that an average Indian movie has at least three to four tunes. Indian listeners rarely published pop albums and this was why the Hindi pop songs industry never really thrived. Classical artists launched albums but no effort was made to cater to the masses as a whole. For the first time, both musicians and composers needed a different stage to showcase their talent. This caused the launch of a high number of Indian pop tunes.The Current ScenarioToday, the pop business in India functions independently of the Hindi film industry. The plethora of song and dance related reality shows have also helped of artists gain more popularity.Songs in Hindi films, though very popular, have to be made keeping the narrative and the circumstance in mind. These restrictions don’t exist in a pop tune. Alisha Chinai and Anaida were the earliest female superstars of their Indian pop industry. AR Rahman created Vande Mataram popular by releasing a pop album comprising patriotic tunes and instrumentals of the Indian national anthem.Shahrukh Khan contacted Akon to perform within his magnum opus, Ra One. Tata Young remixed name song of a popular movie, Dhoom, and received broad acclaim from the nation. Bands like Indian Ocean, Euphoria, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, and musicians such as Daler Mehndi are very popular solely by virtue of the pop releases.Nowadays, it is impossible to find an individual who doesn’t enjoy pop tunes. Such songs are always a part of the audio collection of people who enthusiastically keep track of Hindi film songs. If you’d like a convenient and elegant alternative which will allow you to listen to your favourite Indian pop songs wherever you go, just make use of sites that enable you listen to these tunes online.You can search for tunes by focusing on musicians or simply by focusing on the lyrics. You may pick your favourite songs from other albums and enjoy listening to various artists lending their voice to various kinds of Indian pop tunes.A peculiar characteristic of these songs is that there’s no clear connection between the song and the music video. The movie is usually made to popularize these songs on audio stations on the tv. That is why enjoying Indian pop songs online is much more enjoyable as compared to listening to film tunes.

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